Youth Leadership Directory

This is where we have the current youth leadership roster, with names and leadership position.

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Position Name
Position Name
Chaplain Aide AVAILABLE 
Quartermaster AVAILABLE 
Instructor AVAILABLE 
Leave No Trace Trainer AVAILABLE 
Flaming Stickmen Patrol Leader Ben M. 
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Bilal M. 
Troop Guide Bilal M. 
Pheonix Patrol Leader Brandon R. 
Curry Patrol Leader Chad M. 
Ninja Frogs Patrol Leader Darshan K. 
Librarian  Ethan R. 
Scribe (attendance) Goutham K. 
Scribe (finances) Ibrahim M. 
Troop Guide James D. 
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader John A. 
Troop Guide Julien VB 
Webmaster Logan H. 
Fire Breathing Unicorns Patrol Leader Michael K. 
Senior Patrol Leader Patrick S. 
Alpha Patrol Leader Winston H. 
Showing 21 items